Married in August of 2007, living apart for the first time. We wanted a project to work on together while we live in different states. We decided to create this blog to ensure that we would make contact at least once a day. Each of us will independently post a picture of ourselves on that day, along with a brief description of when we thought of each other that day. For example, if Chelsea was at the grocery store and saw a Pillsbury Classic White cake mix, she could write something like, “Today I saw a classic white cake mix at the grocery store and thought of the time we baked and ate almost the whole thing in one night while watching Willow at your house while we were dating. Also, I love you.” We will generally end each post with “also, I love you.”

Jake got Chelsea a print with these words (something he has been saying for a long time) as a Christmas present.

by the big harumph

This blog will be printed when the long-distance loving is over as a reminder that we can do anything together.


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